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July 17, 2007


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Night on Go!Animate Network (every day from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM) (2016-present)

Go!Animate Kids (Sundays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and airs Jared Channel Original Programing)

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(16:9/HD on July 16, 2017)




December 17, 2017 (Romania)

Go!Animate Network is a International TV channel, famous mainly for the Go!Animate Night Channel night block between 20:00pm and 6:00am.


Programming Edit


  • Warren Gets Grounded 
  • Ella Gets Grounded 
  • Evil Boris 
  • Warren Gets Grounded
  • Ella Gets Grounded
  • Calum Gets Grounded
  • Paul Gets Grounded
  • Judge Karen's Court
  • Zara Gets Grounded
  • Walter Gets Grounded
  • Eric The Movie
  • Memy9909 Gets Grounded
  • The Awful Life Of Caillou
  • The Go!Animate Show
  • Comedy World Show
  • Go!Animate Advance
  • The Adventures of PC Guy
  • The African Vulture Show
  • HNWF Crash!Down
  • That '70s Show
  • The Awildmew Show
  • Luke And Friends
  • Saturday Night Basketball
  • Chase Gets Grounded
  • Warren Reads
  • Eric Cartman's Adventures
  • GNN
  • Go!Animate: The Movie
  • The Julian3535 Show
  • Eric And Brian
  • The Mac Guy Show
  • Home on the Range: The Series
  • Caillou tIt UolliaC
  • The Fuzzbuzz Show
  • Mario Head Adventures
  • The Brian Peterson Show
  • Pedro And Edro Get Ungrounded
  • Jon Gets Grounded
  • Leopold Slikk The Angry German Kid
  • Harold Slikk The Angry German Dad
  • ThatBluePandaGuy
  • Officerpoop247
  • Alan The Video Maker
  • African Vulture Mouthless
  • Eric Smith
  • Julian The Animator
  • Evil Boris
  • Jack Paul
  • Aaron Gets Grounded
  • The Eric Show: The Game Show
  • Seth Gets Grounded
  • Life With Doris
  • Behavior Card Day
  • Behavior Item Day
  • Dora Gets Grounded
  • The Captain and the Kids
  • Count Screwloose
  • The NotSmirks Show
  • Spike (film series)
  • The Tex Avery Show
  • Happy Harmonies
  • Caillou Reloaded
  • The Brendan Barney Show
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio
  • The NotZick Show
  • The Venicio Show (Coming Soon)
  • Adventures Of Dallas
  • And More Shows

Non Go!Animate Shows that are Distributed by Go!Animate Television Edit

  • KassanTV (1996-)
  • The Toads (2005-)

Slogans Edit

"Re-love watching the TV" (Taken from RTHL31 but translated) 2017



  • The modified look of Go!Animate Network still keeps its text and its famous orange cloud, but it's slighty changed.
  • It is the first commercial broadcaster in the Republic of Guy.